FFS-Combi Version
Bagging machine including FFS module

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FFS-Combi Version

fully automatic high-performance bagging machine from tubular reel and bag magazine

up to 1500 bags per hour

fully automatic high-performance bagging machine from tubular reel and bag magazine

... up to 1500 bags per hour.

As the name suggests, the FFS-Combi Version of the open-mouth bagging machines has an additional FFS module, allowing bags not only to be used from the bag magazine but also to be produced from tubular film.

The CERTOPAC and PRINCIPAC open-mouth bagging machines are available as FFS-Combi Versions. The additional FFS module is also available for the CIRCUPAC bagging carousel.
The changeover from the bag magazine to the production of bags from the tubular film is simple and convenient on the operating panel.

The filling process is identical for both variants. The bags are either separated from the bag magazine or produced from tubular film and conveyed to the pick-up station. There the bag is put onto the filling spout, filled, and placed on the conveyor belt. From there it is transported to the bag closing machine, which sews, seals, or glues the bag depending on the material.

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At a glance

  • fully automatic high-performance bagging machine

  • pillow bags and gusset bags

  • for woven PP, PE and paper bags

  • filling weight 5 kg - 80 kg

  • various use of stainless steel

  • high flexibility

  • easy accessibility

  • sturdy and compact design

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