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Success factors: High reliability & customer service


STATEC BINDER has been packaging sugar worldwide since the 1990s. Thanks to many years of experience of the company in these areas, AGRANA decided to replace an old fully-automated sugar packaging machine with a new packaging system from STATEC BINDER. In 2006, a high-level palletizer was already delivered to the Hungarian subsidiary Magyar Cukor. As a result, the foundation for years of a cooperative partnership was laid.

High-performance bagging machine Certopac


For the packaging and palletizing of the produced products, the focus was clearly on reliable, high-performance and flexible packaging and palletizing systems for sugar, organic fertilizers and animal feed. In combination with a cooperative partnership, as well as competent consultation and high service quality, this is the key to the successful long-term cooperation.

  • For the packaging of sugar: 10 kg, 25 kg und 50 kg in woven PP bags

  • For the palletizing of sugar: 1300 bags per hour

  • For the bagging of sugar: 500 kg to 1200 kg in big bags

  • For the packaging of animal feed: 20 kg in PE bags, 30 kg in paper bags

  • For the palletizing of animal feed: 1000 bags per hour

  • For the bagging of animal feed: 1000 kg in big bags


High-performance open-mouth bagging machines and FFS machines are used for the packaging of the manufactured products. The palletizing of the filled bags is carried out by high-level and robot palletizing systems. Cooperation based on partnership, competent consulting as well as a high service quality in customer service are part of our daily business.

  • For the packaging of sugar in 10 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg bags: CERTOPAC

  • For the palletizing of sugar: PRINCIPAL-H and PRINCIPAL-R (depending on available space and required capacity)

  • For the packaging of animal feed: CERTOPAC

  • For the palletizing of animal feed: PRINCIPAL-R

  • For big bags: Big Bag Filling Station with gross weighing

AGRANA was founded in 1988 as a holding company for the Austrian sugar- and starch industry. Today, AGRANA is a global player in starch, sugar, and fruit markets. In accordance with the motto “valuable to the last piece”, animal feed and fertilizers are also obtained resulting from by-products of the sugar and starch production. This is how a sustainable recycling economy works in Austria.

 The first CERTOPAC bagging machine worked to the complete satisfaction of the Austrian company. For this reason, it was soon decided, that two fully automatic packaging lines, consisting of CERTOPAC and PRINCIPAL-H should also be used for the packaging and palletizing of sugar in Rumania.

“By now, AGRANA has eight packaging machines and five palletizing systems by STATEC BINDER in operation. Not only for sugar but also for animal feed and bio-fertilizers, “says Markus Wolfmajer, Division Manager Sales at STATEC BINDER. He further explains that he especially appreciates the partnership-based cooperation. That is how every project becomes a success, whether big or small challenges occur.

Two Principal-H´s which stand next to each other in a line

As an example, Markus Wolfmajer names the packaging line for animal feed in Austria: “Since the existing wrapper and the steel construction did not yet have to be replaced, our bagging machine and the robot palletizer were integrated into the existing line. Good planning and the compact designs of CERTOPAC and PRINCIPAL-R enabled the integration, which presented a smaller challenge than initially assumed.”

The SYSTEM-F, a vertical FFS bagging machine is used for the packaging of the bio-fertilizer. The decision to implement this project with STATEC BINDER was based on convincing references and the existing good cooperation.

Since AGRANA also sells sugar and animal feed in big bags, two Big Bag filling stations are in operation in Austria, while one is used in Hungary. All three Big Bag filling stations function with gross weighing. The reason for this is the high performance, which STATEC BINDER Big Bag filling stations with gross weighing deliver, which was suitable for AGRANA. Adjustments of the latest Big Bag filling station for AGRANA for the packaging of sugar were made.

Statec Binder Assembly Hall Big Bag Filling Station from side down

The system was designed specifically to remove the filled big bags from the lift trucks directly after filling, or to transport them on a pallet on roller conveyors to the warehouse”, clarifies Markus Wolfmajer. Patrick Oberegger, Project Manager at STATEC BINDER, adds: “The system has been adapted, to make an improved and simpler machine operation possible. In this case, this means that the platform is extendable, giving the operator easier access when attaching the big bag. When the big bag is placed correctly, the platform shifts back and the filling process starts.”

Sugar_Plant_Tulln - Agrana

„Long-lasting and successful relationships with our customers have priority for us. That is why it is particularly important to our customer service, to not only have a cooperative partnership but to act as one joint team. For example, with AGRANA this also means having simple and straightforward communication. On the basis of years of cooperation, the employees of AGRANA know what they want and need, while our customer service team ensures, that this is exactly what they get, simple and uncomplicated”, explains Johann Sailer, Division Manager Customer Service at STATEC BINDER.

Reinhard Slavik, a long-term employee at AGRANA, about the cooperation with the STATEC BINDER Customer Service, „Three STATEC BINDER systems are in operation in the Leopoldsdorf sugar factory. We are very satisfied with both, service and consultation. If new developments or improvements are made for our packaging machines, STATEC BINDER informs us immediately and we implement these advancements in our machines. In turn, we were also able to bring in our own demands, requirements, and ideas when planning the new systems, which were implemented quickly and to our full satisfaction.”


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