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Implementing fully automatic bagging machines


Major rice producer placed its trust in STATEC BINDER for their challenging project

The rice producer in the south of the USA processes 750,000,000 pounds of rice annually, making it the industry’s leading miller, exporter, and supplier of rice worldwide. Until a few years ago, packaging was done manually and daily sampling of bag weight had to be carried out. The manual packaging equipment was old and weighing had become inaccurate. For these reasons, the rice producer decided to switch to fully automatic bagging lines and relied on STATEC BINDER for this important step.

Principac mit Förderband - Assemblierungshalle


Implementing fully automatic bagging machines, high accuracy net weighers and control equipment

  • High reliability

  • Highest weighing accuracy

  • Woven PP bags

  • Pillow and gusset bags with different sizes

  • Output of up to 1200 bags per hour


High-performance bagging machine PRINCIPAC with high-performance net weigher and check weighers

  • High-performance net weigher for dosing & weighing products

  • PRINCIPAC for packing the products

  • Packaging sizes from 25 to 100 lbs

  • Packaging sizes from 25 to 50 kg

  • Guaranteed performance: 1200 bags per hour

The rice producer is at home in Louisiana, where it also packs rice in a wide variety of package sizes and bags. The manual packaging lines were already getting outdated, and for this reason, the weighing was already inaccurate. In addition, they needed a lot of personnel for a high performance, which was hard to find.

Therefore, in 2014, the rice producer decided it was time to switch to fully automatic packaging systems. The focus was on the reliability of the machines and the accuracy of the weighing. In addition, a monitoring system had to be installed so that the daily random checks of the bag weight could be omitted and each bag was checked automatically. Together with a partner, STATEC BINDER was selected for this project.

Principac filling process with a bag from inside

The challenge

  1. The challenge in this project was to process the different bag types of different quality in the best possible way.

  2. Added to this were the different weights and dimensions of the bags. All three bagging machines had to be aligned for all pillow bags and gusset bags.

Thanks to the highly trained commissioning staff at STATEC BINDER and then on-site at the customer, this task was mastered with great success.

Principac empty bag separation through vacuum bugs

Our approach: Best quality & experience - Handling with woven PP bags

STATEC BINDER was the only supplier with decades of experience in handling woven PP bags ( pillow and gusset bags ), especially with different sizes and qualities. In addition, the required output of 1200 bags per hour could be guaranteed and the high quality of the machines was well known. The rice producer ordered its first three fully automatic packaging systems with gravity feed net weighers and bag closing systems which sews the filled bag. A partner in the USA supplied the appropriate palletizing systems.

Principac with view from the right front

“For the customer, the PRINCIPAC is the optimal bagging system. The different packaging sizes of 25-100 lbs and 25-50kg as well as the different bag types and sizes are no problem for the PRINCIPAC even with the required performance. It is characterized by high flexibility”, says Günter Haiden, Executive Manager Sales & Marketing STATEC BINDER GmbH.

Since the fully automatic bagging lines required more space than the old manual ones, the customer built a new warehouse. “The new warehouse provided us with the necessary space and enabled us to plan the entire packaging line simply and easily,” says Patrick Oberegger, Project Manager STATEC BINDER GmbH.

The documentation of the bagging systems and the check weighers could replace the daily random samples and showed the high accuracy of the STATEC BINDER scales. The filling weight was guaranteed to be +/-50g, but on average the deviation was significantly lower due to the high accuracy of the scales.



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