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High-performance bagging systems

for the packaging of food products

Whether sugar, rice, flour, beans, grain or starch; whether free-flowing or powdery – our bagging machines package your product. With decades of experience in the packaging of a wide variety of alimentary products, we at STATEC BINDER can now claim to be one of the leading suppliers of packaging machines for alimentary products.

There are three open-mouth bagging machines to choose from, depending on the desired output: PRINCIPAC and CERTOPAC, both high-performance packaging machines, and ACROPAC. The CIRCUPAC high-performance packaging carousel was specially developed for flour and powdery products.

Each system can be adapted to special customer requirements by means of various options.

For the highest weighing accuracy, the packaging systems are equipped with our high-performance net weighers. Either our patented Over Tape Bag Sealer or our sewing machine ensure the precise bag closure.

In order to meet and exceed customer requirements, a well-operating machine, competent advice before purchase and during the project phase and, above all, excellent after-sales service are required. We focus on long-term partnerships, because our machines are also designed for durability. The high flexibility, as well as reliability and quality round off the total package of our packaging machines.

Together with our customers we find the right packaging machine for their requirements. Learn more about already installed packaging machines in the food industry and the cooperation with us in our Case Studies.


For the efficient packaging of sugar, our fully automatic packaging lines PRINCIPAC and CERTOPAC are particularly suitable. These are specially designed for packaging sugar in accordance with the ATEX directive to prevent dust explosions.

Case Study - packaging of sugar


PRINCIPAC and CERTOPAC are the fully automatic bagging systems that have proven themselves especially for packaging rice. The manual bagging system SCALPAC is also in use.

Case Study - packaging of rice

Beans & Lentils

When it comes to packaging machines for free-flowing bulk goods such as beans and lentils, our open-mouth bagging machines are the right choice. Depending on the required output, either the PRINCIPAC, CERTOPAC or ACROPAC packaging machine is used.


The CIRCUPAC, a fully automatic packaging carousel, was specially developed for the packaging of flour and powdery products. This packaging machine for powder is characterised by high performance and flexibility.

Packaging of powder & flour

Maize Meal

The most frequently used bagging system for packaging maize meal is the CERTOPAC. The different models allow to fill bags with filling weights between 5 kg and 80 kg. Depending on the packaging size and required output, CERTOPAC-S and CERTOPAC-L are therefore used in addition to the standard model.

Malt & Grain

Since malt and grain are usually packed in paper or woven PP bags, the ACROPAC and CERTOPAC open-mouth bagging systems are ideal for this task, depending on the required output.


Fully automatic high-performance bagging machine for open-mouth bags

Advantages at a glance

up to 1500 bags per hour


Fully automatic, high-performance bagging machine

The CERTOPAC is a fully automatic high-performance bagging machine.

  • Speed: thanks to high speed, up to 1500 bags can be filled per hour
  • Suitable for: Bulk materials, filling weight between 5 kg and 80 kg
  • The machine packs any type of free flowing bulk goods/material into pillow and gusset bags

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Fully automatic high-performance bagging machine for open-mouth bags

Advantages at a glance

up to 2000 bags per hour


Fully automatic, high-performance bagging machine

The PRINCIPAC is a fully automatic high-performance bagging machine for open-mouth bags.

  • One of the fastest bagging machines in the world: up to 2000 bags per hour
  • Flexibility: Both pillow bags as well as gusset bags with a filling weight of 10 kg to 50 kg can be processed
  • This bagging machine is excellent for any kind of free flowing bulk goods/material

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High-performance palletizing systems

for the palletizing of packed food products

The perfect complement to our fully automatic bagging machines are our palletizing systems. This ensures that food is not only safely packed, but also stacked on pallets at high speed and in a good quality. Our palletizing systems not only palletize bags, but also boxes and bundles.

Three high-speed palletizing systems are available depending on the desired output. Our robot palletizer PRINCIPAL-R is unbeatable in a small space: high performance, low space requirement and well-structured layer patterns. If even higher performance is required, our PRINCIPAL, a high-level palletizer, is the right choice. With an output of up to 2400 units per hour, it stacks at lightning speed and with maximum precision. The third palletizing system in our portfolio is the PRINCIPAL-P, a portal palletizer.

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Our bagging and palletizing systems pack and palletize a wide variety of products on a daily basis. In our case studies you can find out which problems and tasks we have already solved with our machines and how we can support you.

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