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Packaging powder & flour


with systems from STATEC BINDER

Powdery products of all kinds - such as flour - can be filled into tight and compact bags with the innovative technologies from STATEC BINDER. Our systems from Austria convince with the highest quality standards as well as efficiency. This enables cost-efficient packaging, maximum protection for the respective product as well as improved product storability, and ideal conditions for safe transport.

In order to reliably fill dusty products in the form of powder as well as flours into pillow and gusset bags, the experienced STATEC BINDER team of experts has combined different solutions.

Depending on the properties of the powder, permanent compaction of the product in the bag, as well as de-aeration with a lance during the filling process, are crucial for a clean and efficient overall result.

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How does powder packaging work?

Our lines for packaging powdery products and flour consist of optimally matched machine units. For weighing with net weighing via bag filling up to secure closing for transport.

The technology behind the dosing unit allows precise filling of powdery products such as flour for the food industry.

The subsequent process of sealing ensures that no powder can escape from the discharge opening. STATEC BINDER systems enable weight-accurate and tight packaging.

The precise technology behind the bagging system prevents the bulk material or flour from trickling out.
In this way, you avoid contamination in the sealing area and can place the existing mass of the product completely in the bag - without losing valuable resources.

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    Robust construction

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    High reliability

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    Easy maintenance

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    Tight filling system

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    Options for expansion and variation

Dust-free packaging with high-performance equipment – made in Austria

Probably one of the biggest challenges when filling powder and flour is to reduce dust emissions. And this is exactly where the unique STATEC BINDER technology comes in. More than 40 years of experience show that we know exactly how to approach such tasks in a solution-oriented and innovative manner.

We have developed the CIRCUPAC, especially for flour and powdery products. The continuously rotating carousel packs the bags at high capacity. The ACROPAC, CERTOPAC, and PRINCIPAC open-mouth bagging machines are also suitable for packing flour. Dust-tight bagging is achieved by using a dust-tight filling clamp. For example, the following products can be bagged without high dust emissions:

Flour products with different flow behavior

  • Food starch

  • Corn flour, wheat flour

  • Feed additives

Various petrochemical, biochemical as well as pharmaceutical powders

  • PVC powder

  • Magnesium powder

  • Allantoin

Filling powders and flours into bags requires intuition and experience: this is where STATEC BINDER lays the foundation for your packaging success. Thanks to the balanced interaction between dust-tight filling clamps and efficient vibratory plates, you can achieve optimum filling results with STATEC BINDER equipment.

Selected filling processes are carried out with the aid of the screw or belt weigher. The weighing hopper has a particularly steep angle. This prevents the powder from forming bridges and no longer flowing. Particularly good conditions for optimal storage as well as for transport are created by the choice of bag material and closure fabric. We help you to pack your powdery products optimally and according to the latest technical standards.


for flour

STATEC BINDER offers the right machine for bagging powdery products. Our systems meet the requirements of various flour producers. At STATEC BINDER, the sophisticated technology in the machines is always combined with the simplest possible handling. In this way, we enable a high bagging capacity as well as dense, dust-free bagging of your products.

To make dust-tight bagging of flour and other powdery products possible, the bag closure is sealed airtight after filling. The bag is welded or hot glued and can be additionally sewn. This prevents even the smallest product particles from escaping.

At the same time, the dust-tight packaging process ensures that other plant components - such as palletizers - remain clean.

Circupac filling process in the carousel


How can the flour be efficiently filled?

  • Flour is often filled in open-mouth, woven polypropylene (PP) bags. The bags are stitched or top folded and stitched.

  • In addition, more and more flour producers are using hermetically sealed bags.They can be sealed and ensure that no moisture gets to the flour, thus guaranteeing optimum shelf life.

STATEC BINDER systems ensure ideal product protection and suitable conditions for further transport of the flour sacks.

STATEC BINDER equipment for packaging powdery products

The STATEC BINDER range includes packaging machines of various performance levels: from semi-automatic filling stations to fully automated high-performance packaging carousels. Depending on the consistency of the powder, a certain output can be achieved with the packaging machine. With STATEC BINDER bagging machines, up to 1,200 bags per hour can be filled. With the CIRCUPAC packaging carousel, specially developed for powder, the highest outputs are achieved, as either 4 or 6 filling spouts are installed in the machines. The special feature of the packaging machine is the continuously rotating carousel: The process works without a start-stop system and can reach a maximum output of up to 1200 bags per hour.

All our packaging machines are designed for pre-made open-mouth bags made of paper, PE, or woven PP with a filling weight from 10 to 50 kg. In addition, an FFS module can be installed so that bags can be filled from the roll.


Versatile and trustworthy

STATEC BINDER's customers range from small businesses to large corporations. Represented on all five continents, STATEC BINDER supplies the most STATEC BINDER supplies a wide variety of industries. Whether petrochemical or chemical industry, feed production, agriculture, food, sugar or fertilizer industry.

The high standard keeps its promise. For all industries, the perfect solution is always found in a customer-oriented manner - tailored to the relevant framework conditions. In addition to the standard product range, STATEC BINDER also offers customer-specific special solutions that are worked out together with customers.

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Curious to learn where and how our machines are used?

Our bagging and palletizing systems pack and palletize a wide variety of products on a daily basis. In our case studies you can find out which problems and tasks we have already solved with our machines and how we can support you.


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