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Open-mouth bagging machines

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Open-mouth bagging machines

Customer requirements vary, which is why different versions are available of the open-mouth bagging machines: for low, medium and high production capacities. Our open-mouth bagging machines are suitable for any type of free-flowing bulk material. With additional equipment, powdery products such as flour can also be filled. For the packing of powdery products, we have also developed the packaging carousel CIRCUPAC.

energy efficient

high speed

one master servo motor

product compression in the bag

continuous rotation

highest weighing accuracy

low space requirement

simple format set change

low maintenance

compact design

easy accessibility

sturdy construction

high reliability

high performance

long lifetime

high flexibility

sturdy and compact design

for free flowing, powdery and fine products

highly precise electronic control

stainless steel execution

secure closure

tight seal

unique bag closing style

heat sealed

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