What open-mouth bagging machines require

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What open-mouth bagging machines require

These machine components must be cleaned and checked on a regular basis

As far as open-mouth bagging systems are concerned, the components that come into contact with the product or bag, must be cleaned and inspected regularly. In particular, the clamping jaws as well as the rubber suction cup should be mentioned in this context. This is because each bag leads to a deformation of the rubber element, which can naturally cause abrasion as a further consequence. Depending on the machine version, different clamping jaws are installed in the filling area of the open-mouth bagging machines, which are also subject to wear. If the profile lamination of the gripper is no longer present, the bag is prone to start to slip during the filling process. To prevent such problems, these machine components must be checked regularly.

“A regular check of the installed rubber elements, for example for hairline crack, is of high importance. I personally recommend one inspection per shift. This does by no means require a lot of time because the relevant components are easily accessible”, says Stefan Hibler, service engineer at STATEC BINDER, “The built-in rubber suction cups can be easily pulled off and can optimally be cleaned with the available compressed air pistol, whereby the vacuum performance is maintained”. Stefan Hibler further explains that regular cleaning measures should be carried out in the filling area, particularly in the area of the filling spout or the filling clamp.

“Packaging machines for pillow bags produce more dust and product losses than side gusseted bags, which can better align to the clamp in the filling area. Accordingly, the cleaning of pillow bag machines must also be increased. Of course, bagging machines for pillow bags could be equipped with a sealing clamp, but this is primarily necessary when abrasive, aggressive materials or with particularly valuable products are bagged,” says Stefan Hibler, service engineer at STATEC BINDER about the different cleaning requirements of different bagging machines.

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