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The high-performance robot palletizer PRINCIPAL-R stacks up to 1400 bags or boxes per hour. In cooperation with well-known industrial robot manufacturers, we find the perfect solution for every customer. A special feature of the PRINCIPAL-R is that it has been optimized for palletizing on sling bags.

Palletizing robots – made in Austria

The PRINCIPAL-R high-performance robotic palletizer stacks up to 1400 bags or boxes per hour. In cooperation with renowned industrial robot manufacturers, the perfect solution is found for each customer. A special feature of the PRINCIPAL-R is that it has also been optimized for palletizing on so-called sling bags.

Our palletizing processes are increasingly being used in companies. With the help of the robots, necessary processes can be automated and optimized at the same time.

Palletizing with robots

Robots work both quickly and accurately. The controlled helpers are not only used in production. In addition, you also provide valuable support to complete the production chain: When palletizing products.

We have already successfully met the following challenges with STATEC BINDER robots for many customers:

  • Shorter delivery times mean that a fast pace is required for palletizing the products.
  • All products must be packaged both in accordance with applicable standards and in a manner suitable for transport.
  • If employees have to palletize products manually, this can have harmful consequences due to the load and the monotonous work.
  • These employees could be used more effectively for other activities within the company. Advantages of automatic palletizing.


Automation offers diverse potential for increasing output:


  • Continuously increase productivity: Robots work extremely reliably and can also be deployed at short notice.
  • Make efficient use of employees: Thanks to the support of palletizing robots, not only are processes shortened, but employee workloads are also relieved.

Via a programmable logic controller, palletizing robots can work very independently. Combined with a gripper arm that is tailored to different products and production steps, the robotic palletizers provide a high degree of versatility and productivity in different work steps.

Depending on the configuration, a palletizing robot can process one or more units simultaneously. The bags or boxes coming from a conveyor belt are formed by the robot into several layers on a pallet. Robots also allow for depalletizing with the aid of a vision system.

Types of palletizing robots

Palletizing robots from STATEC BINDER are particularly well suited to palletizing packaged production goods quickly and accurately. Robotic palletizers offer decisive advantages over manual palletizing as well as over high-level palletizers.

  • Technological progress: With our palletizing robots, we can meet a wide variety of customer requirements and special specifications in the palletizing process. The different types of palletizing robots offer customers a high level of accuracy and efficiency when it comes to product palletizing.
  • User-friendliness: Robotic palletizers from STATEC BINDER are easy to operate with some prior knowledge and experience.

Because of these features, our robots are already used in many factories around the world for palletizing goods.

PRINCIPAL-R – High-performance robotic palletizer

PRINCIPAL-R is an articulated robot palletizing system. A special feature of the PRINCIPAL-R is that it can also be used for sling bags. In addition, the high-performance robotic palletizer is being developed with well-known industrial robot manufacturers. PRINCIPAL-R is in great demand due to its flexibility, speed, accuracy, and low space requirement!

Our PRINCIPAL-R palletizing robot impresses with the following features:

  • Designed for up to 1400 units per hour
  • Sturdy & compact construction
  • Low space requirement
  • High energy efficiency
  • Clean layer pattern
  • High flexibility

energy efficient

high speed

compact design

sturdy construction

high reliability

high flexibility

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