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The product portfolio includes two FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bagging machines. The high-performance SYSTEM-T, which produces bags from tubular film, and the vertical FFS machine SYSTEM-F, which produces bags from flat film. Both bagging systems are ideal for any type of free-flowing bulk material. The SYSTEM-F is also ideal for packing moderately free-flowing and powdery products.

FFS packaging machines – made in Austria

As a specialist for palletizing and packaging, we at STATEC BINDER also have FFS bagging lines for bulk materials in our range. You will find the right FFS packaging machine for different industries and products, which can be specifically tailored to individual needs. By forming, filling and sealing, products can be efficiently and reliably packaged with the FFS machines from STATEC BINDER – and thus made ready for transport. Our machines with form, fill and seal function can be ordered with different accessories. Customized customer requests are also possible. In addition, both the commissioning and the program management are extremely intuitive.

STATEC BINDER’s product portfolio includes two FFS packaging machines:

  1. The powerful SYSTEM-T produces bags from the tubular reel.
  2. The flexible vertical FFS machine SYSTEM-F, produces bags from the flat film.

Both packaging systems are ideal for any type of free-flowing bulk material. The SYSTEM-F is also excellent for packaging moderately free-flowing and powdery products.

What does the abbreviation FFS stand for?

FFS is the abbreviation for Form-Fill-Seal. As the name suggests, a bag is formed from a tube, filled and then reliably sealed. Most FFS systems use a polyethylene film to form the primary packaging.

How do FFS packaging machines work?

The FFS machines from STATEC BINDER combine three work steps with just one system:

  1. Forming
  2. Filling
  3. Sealing

On top of the machine, there is a net weigher that guarantees exact weighing results when filling the free-flowing products. The Form-Fill-Seal technology thus makes it possible for bags to be formed, filled with the product, and sealed in just one process. All packaging machines are based on the division into three workstations for forming, filling, and sealing the bags.

What advantages do STATEC BINDER FFS machines offer?

Even at high production speeds, we can use FFS machines to ensure that the bags are always filled, closed, and sealed at exactly the right time. STATEC BINDER FFS machines are also convincing in terms of maintenance duration and maintenance costs. In addition, only high-quality materials and the most innovative technology are used in the FFS machines from STATEC BINDER. As a result, the machines have a long lifetime and work reliably for several years.

Which products can be packaged with an FFS machine?

An FFS packaging machine can be used to package a wide portfolio of products. Above all, FFS technology has specialized in the packaging of free-flowing goods. These include, among others:

  • Fertilizer
  • Petrochemical products (PE, PP pellets)
  • Chemical products
  • Animal feed
  • Food
  • Minerals and fuels

Furthermore, our FFS machines have many advantageous features:

  • The machines are adapted to the product. If the product is abrasive, for example, a different material is also used in the machine or other precautions are taken to pack the product reliably.
  • The FFS machines from STATEC BINDER also make it possible to switch from one packaging to another within a very short period of time. In this way, a wide variety of products can be packaged and production processes can be optimized.

Our FFS packaging machines at a glance

SYSTEM-T – High-performance FFS packaging machine

SYSTEM-T is the high-performance FFS packaging machine from STATEC BINDER, which is characterized by both the highest packaging quality for PE bags from the tube and high production capacities.

Our high-performance FFS machine is suitable for packaging the following products, among others:

Depending on the scope of performance and equipment, we offer the SYSTEM-T in different variants. Each version meets a wide range of product requirements.

The high-performance FFS packaging machine SYSTEM-T from STATEC BINDER impresses with:

  • A capacity of up to 2400 bags per hour
  • The flexibility for pillow bags and/or gusset bags
  • High-quality stainless steel parts
  • A sturdy and compact construction
  • 5 – 50 kg filling weight

CE certificate: SYSTEM-F – Fully automatic vertical form-fill-seal packaging machine

SYSTEM-F is the vertical FFS packaging machine from STATEC BINDER. It meets the highest demands in terms of state-of-the-art technology as well as particularly efficient work performance. Whether food or non-food products – our vertical form-fill-seal packaging machine can be specified for a wide range of product requirements.

How does the VFFS machine work?

  1. Smooth-running ball bearings support the film roll, while a film drive unwinds the film from the roll.
  2. The gluing device, which immediately follows the film roll, not only enables the film to be changed but also minimizes the time required for the roll change.
  3. The film is pulled over a forming shoulder, which has a low-friction coating and is formed into a tube.
  4. A permanently heated sealing bar performs the vertical overlap sealing.
  5. Precise temperature and pressure control guarantee
    continuous welding quality.
  6. A built-in blade separates an already filled pack from the tube.
  7. Two electronically controlled, permanently heated sealing bars seal the finished pack and simultaneously form the bottom sealing seam for the next package.
  8. Intensive air cooling allows for the shortest cycle times.

State-of-the-art electronic assemblies and high-precision mechanical components of the SYSTEM-F allow for a high level of productivity as well as optimized operating processes. The adjustable format set can be adapted to different package sizes.

The vertical FFS packaging machine SYSTEM-F from STATEC BINDER convinces with:

  • A working capacity of up to 900 bags per hour
  • The fitting for pillow bags and/or gusset bags
  • Stainless steel parts in contact with the product
  • A reliable & proven concept
  • A sturdy and compact construction
  • A variable filling weight of 5 – 50 kg
  • High flexibility
  • CE certificate: The possibility of nitrogen fumigation during filling to extend the shelf life of the products

References & Case Studies

References & Case Studies – Curious where and how our machines are in use?

Our bagging- and palletizing systems package and palletize a wide variety of products every day. In our case studies, you can find out which problems and tasks we have already solved with our machines and how we can also support you.

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When it comes to the development of high-performance and vertical FMS machines, you can always rely on STATEC BINDER as a partner!

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References Case Studies

Curious to learn where and how our machines are used?

Our bagging and palletizing systems pack and palletize a wide variety of products on a daily basis. In our case studies you can find out which problems and tasks we have already solved with our machines and how we can support you.