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Do you want to increase your productivity with powerful palletizers? With the machines for palletizing from STATEC BINDER, you get products with the highest quality standards: directly from your manufacturer in Austria.

We design customized solutions that convince through innovation and sophisticated technologies as well as due to our high quality standards.  Our palletizing systems can be designed, produced and integrated into existing processes according to your individual requirements .

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High performance palletizer – fully automatic & flexible

Our palletizers are the perfect complement to STATEC BINDER packaging systems. Unbeatable in a team, but also on their own, our palletizing systems stand for top performance. There are three palletizing systems in our portfolio:

  • Robot palletizer
  • High-level palletizer
  • Portal palletizer

Each of our palletizers is used in a wide variety of industries and can be optimally and completely individually adapted to customer requirements.

What is palletizing?

Palletizing involves assembling complex systems and placing products – which are transported in a variety of ways – on load carriers or pallets. Thanks to innovative equipment from STATEC Binder, the whole process is particularly time and cost-saving. The use of palletizers is therefore an essential step towards process optimization in companies.

  • Unique palletizing technology: Our palletizing technologies cover a wide range of services. This includes the various steps involved in forming palletized load units.
  • Individual customer requirements: When palletizing different materials and product units, we always focus on your individual requirements.
  • Safe transport: Both the gentle handling of the packages and the optimal appearance of the palletized load units are the basis of our palletizing technologies.

Advantages of palletizers – individual & custom fit

We offer our customers individual and optimal palletizers. In order to meet your requirements precisely, we offer the machines in a wide variety of designs. Thanks to our extensive know-how at STATEC BINDER, we develop palletizers that can be optimally integrated into your company’s processes. If a palletizing system leaves our warehouse, you can assume that the following properties are of particular relevance during production and acceptance:

  • The palletizers are sturdy.
  • Palletizers from STATEC BINDER score with their enormous durability.
  • They are equipped all around with the latest technology.
  • All of our products are efficient and can be used flexibly.

When you choose palletizers from STATEC BINDER, you also choose the highest quality standards and innovative technologies. We always take into account your individual requirements. This makes it possible for our machines to deliver the best possible results.

We open up new possibilities for your production: Entire packaging lines up to pallet securing are just as much a part of our specialties as the highly efficient, automatic palletizers. Whether it’s the durability of our machines, a perfect stacking pattern, or the safe transport of goods – with STATEC BINDER, you have the experienced expert in palletizing technology at your side. Whatever requirements you face in your company, we will advise you with the right concept and manufacture palletizers that fit perfectly.

Maximum efficiency with palletizers

STATEC BINDER has the appropriate expertise in the market to provide you with professional advice. Together with you, we would like to meet individual requirements in the field of palletizing technology. With the technically innovative machines from STATEC BINDER, we can combine and thus optimize different process steps within a production plant: The result is faster and more effective processes.

When palletizing and depalletizing with our palletizers, your company can also benefit from various advantages. High-performance palletizing systems from STATEC BINDER:

  • accelerate your production processes
  • reduce costs
  • increase capacities
  • palletize filled bags gently and reliably

Our palletizers are also characterized by their targeted adaptation to your products and specific processes. With STATEC BINDER, you don’t have to make any compromises. Your palletizer can be integrated into existing operations or produced for new mechanisms. All our products are “made in Austria” and accordingly have the best quality and high-grade components.

What palletizing technologies are available?

At STATEC BINDER, you generally have a choice of three different palletizers that use a wide variety of technologies. The palletizing of all types of bags and boxes is made possible by the fully automatic PRINCIPAL-H high-level palletizer as well as the PRINCIPAL-R robot palletizer and the PRINCIPAL-P portal palletizer.

Robot palletizer

The PRINCIPAL-R high-performance robot palletizer – an articulated-arm robotic palletizing system – is part of our customized solutions. This type of palletizer is the result of cooperation between well-known industrial robot manufacturers and STATEC BINDER know-how.

Different robot models are used depending on the desired performance. A special feature of the PRINCIPAL-R is that it was optimized for so-called sling bags. By default, articulated arm robots with four axes and a rotation of up to 360° in the R-axis are used.

Robotic palletizers are characterized by the following features:

  • High level of reliability
  • Compact design
  • A high level of flexibility
  • Energy efficient

What is the PRINCIPAL-R made for?

Our high-performance robot palletizer is designed to palletize up to 1400 bags or boxes per hour. This type of robot is particularly suitable for palletizing and de-palletizing applications thanks to its fast and repeat-accurate movement. The pallet pattern is operated and selected via a touchscreen. The set-up versions range from single to double to multiple-line arrangements.

High-level palletizer

The high-level palletizer from STATEC BINDER impresses with:

  • High speed
  • Sturdy design
  • A high level of flexibility
  • Long lifetime

How is the PRINCIPAL-H palletizer built?

The PRINCIPAL high-performance high-level palletizer is equipped with an empty pallet magazine and a full pallet removal station. In addition, the innovative technology in the individual levels ensures optimum performance.

  • Bag flattener: A bag flattener at the start ensures that the bags are “in shape” for stacking.
  • Overhead turning device: Flexible layer patterns are made possible by a servomotor-driven overhead turning device. This turns bags into the required position. In this way, for example, the bags can be positioned so that the bag seams face inwards or barcodes can be read from the outside.
  • Synchronous belts of the layer pusher: A clean layer pattern is guaranteed by the synchronously built layer pusher. This enables the exact positioning of the bags or a box.
  • Motorized front and side pushers: These provide a stable and right-angled layer.

High capacity high-level palletizers are suitable for palletizing up to 2400 bags and boxes per hour.

Portal palletizer

The PRINCIPAL-P, a high-performance portal palletizer, combines the high speed of the PRINCIPAL-H with a grab, which is tailored to the respective application, such as a combined grab for palletizing bags and boxes.

What is the advantage of the portal palletizer?

The big advantage of the PRINCIPAL-P is that it does not push bags, but rather places them so that they can be palletized in an overlapping fashion. In addition, the bags are pressed from all four sides to achieve a clean layer pattern. Cardboard boxes are also lifted, placed and the layer is then shaped.

When arranging the bags or boxes, it is ensured that the bags or boxes are brought into the desired position, e.g. barcodes can be read from the outside. In addition, a robot can be installed for possible de-palletizing work. Additional options make it possible to perfectly match the PRINCIPAL-P to customer requirements. The portal palletizer convinces with the following features:

  • A high level of flexibility
  • Sturdy design
  • High speed
  • Long lifetime


We have made it our goal to offer our customers the perfect solution in the field of palletizing and packaging of free flowing bulk goods/material. That is why flexibility is a top priority for us in the company and in the development of machines. The high quality standard of our machines is achieved, for example, by using exclusively high-quality and well-known components as well as by the diverse use of stainless steel. The extensive product range offers customer-oriented solutions of the highest quality for all industries.

Palletizing with STATEC BINDER

Our systems are suitable for free flowing bulk goods/material of all kinds and are used in a wide range of industries for palletizing and packaging various products. For us, it is important to offer the optimal solution to customers from all industries.

With our machines and systems, a wide variety of products can be efficiently packaged and palletized:

  • Food: Sugar, rice, flour, salt, peas, beans, lentils, cereals, corn, malt, starch
  • Agriculture: Seeds, grass seeds
  • Animal feed & pet food: Animal feed, pet food, mineral feed, animal feed & pet food additives
  • Minerals & Fuels: Sand, road salt, crushed stone, wood pellets, clay granules
  • Petrochemical: Plastic pellets, plastic powder
  • Chemistry: Fertilizers, bulk chemicals

High-performance portal palletizer

Advantages at a glance

up to 1100 units per hour


Portal palletizer

The high-performance portal palletizer combines the high speed of the PRINCIPAL-H with a gripper, which is tailored to the respective application, such as a combined gripper for palletizing bags and boxes.

The portal palletizer convinces with the following features:

  • A high level of flexibility
  • Sturdy design
  • High speed
  • Long lifetime

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