What palletizing systems require

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What palletizing systems require

These machine components must be cleaned and checked on a regular basis

In principle, regular overall cleaning measures are important for all types of STATEC BINDER palletizing systems. Since undesired machine errors cannot be completely ruled out, it may happen every now and then that bags are sewn incorrectly or inadequately. Although STATEC BINDER offers systems, which detect bag breakage to then reject defective bags, not every customer decides to implement such systems as part of his ordered palletizing lines.

“If damaged bags get onto the palletizing machines, there is a risk that the entire product inside the bag could leak and spread all over the system. Should this scenario occur, cleaning measures must be carried out immediately,” warns Stefan Hibler, service engineer at STATEC BINDER. He further explains that product spillage is prone to compress quickly and thus may lead to increased abrasion, particularly in the area of the guide rails and rolls. As quick action is required, it is recommended to store cleaning equipment on-site, in close proximity to the bagging machine. Permanently installed vacuum cleaners and/or compressed air units are effective means of cleaning quickly and efficiently. However, implementing systems for detecting bag breakage is highly advised in order to discover product spillage prematurely and to reject affected bags already at the belt conveyor. As a consequence, greater cleaning efforts can easily be avoided.

“Each shift, especially those components of the palletizer that come into contact with empty pallets and bags, should be inspected. If a system for breakage detection is installed, it must also be properly maintained, emptied out and cleaned,” explains Stefan Hibler. He further clarifies that the specific product characteristics and packaging materials also influence the necessary regularity of cleaning. For example, palletizing cartons results in very clean surroundings, which in turn leads to only little abrasion. However, if bags filled with flour or other fine or dusty products are palletized, checks and inspections must be carried out more often.

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