What customers should know before a service takes place

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What customers should know before a service takes place

If STATEC BINDER engineers are ordered for planned or unplanned service, customers should already consider various aspects in advance.

For example, it is very important, that the machine is freely accessible to the service engineer upon arrival. “It happens every now and then, that the customer orders a service, without making any agreements with people responsible for the production. The packaging machines can often not be stopped and immediate work on the system is therefore not possible”, describes Stefan Hibler, a long-term service engineer at STATEC BINDER.

Running machines must always be stopped during a service, whereby this machine downtime lasts for several days. In order to avoid this, some customers would like to arrange the service to be carried out during the day, to then put the packaging lines back into operation during the night. This is a reasonable approach from the customer’s perspective, however, Stefan Hibler is rather critical of this approach: “I don’t think that it is advisable to frequently interrupt the downtime caused for the service to take place. Our service engineers would be additionally confronted with the daily task of reassembling the machines and adjusting them correctly. This would require an enormous amount of additional time needed. If it is necessary, it does not represent a problem for me personally to carry out service work during the night or on weekends. In exceptional cases, I am also happy to do that.“

He also explains that it is equally important, that staff on site has access to the spare part stocking and the workshop. The basic requirements for services are that electricity and light are available, as well as compressed air and corresponding equipment. Moreover, service engineers prefer to at first see the running machine on-site, at least in the manual mode, in order to get a more accurate picture of the machine condition before the service is carried out.
„Other important aspects are the circumstances on-site and the condition of the machines. It would be important to invest time in the pre-cleaning of the machines before our service engineers arrive. Of course, we are also willing to do the cleaning ourselves, however, this would be a rather unnecessary expense for the customer. Dirty equipment, for example, machine components with special sliding surfaces, cannot be reassembled in the same condition,” says Hibler.

Furthermore, STATEC BINDER service engineers should receive information beforehand about the spare parts that are in stock on site. It is also significant, to provide service engineers with safety-relevant conditions and information.

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