The handling of corrosive products

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The handling of corrosive products

STATEC BINDER develops and designs machines particularly for fertilizer. For components of the packaging system, which come into contact with the product to be packaged, for example, special plastics instead of metals are used, as they do not corrode and simply work better with certain products.

Additionally, one should not forget that fertilizers are very hygroscopic. As early as in the stage of planning the plant, the customer should keep the future location of the machine in mind, because the humidity could be drastically concentrated if the machine is placed in an air-permeable building. Depending on the specific circumstances, heating or dehumidification should logically occur to adjust the environment of the machine to the optimal temperature and humidity.

These measures also influence the lifespan of the machine. “Although our machines also function in less than optimal environments, by following the advice given, they run even better and, above all, the reliability and durability of the machine are increased,” says Stefan Hibler, service engineer at STATEC BINDER.

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