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Services at short notice

What is the procedure for a service at short notice, if no booking has been made in advance?

If a service is initiated as a response to a problem that has occurred at short notice, the customer usually already knows where exactly the problem lies. After the first contact with the customer, an intensive exchange of information via phone and email takes place. Additionally, the responsible service engineer usually receives detailed photos of the machine’s problem areas.

“If the required components are not available in the customer’s spare part stock on-site, our service engineers try to take the needed parts directly as bulky luggage. In any case, we immediately try to find the fastest solution possible to avoid longer machine downtimes. In this aspect, STATEC BINDER reacts highly flexible and especially quick as a company”, explains Stefan Hibler, service engineer at STATEC BINDER.

How the customer can contribute to the success of services at short notice :

„It is fundamental, that the customer communicates exactly where the problem lies. It is further extremely helpful if the customer can tell us which spare parts are currently available in stock on-site and which components still have to be ordered”, says Stefan Hibler. He also advises the customer to keep an inventory list for the stocking of spare parts, in order to maintain a better overview. In addition, Hibler emphasizes that the importance of transparent communication concerning those spare parts, that are actually in stock, is enormous: “If we are already on-site at the customer’s premises and receive the notice that certain spare parts are missing only there, an unnecessary loss of time occurs. Nevertheless, our service engineers are still determined to leave the machine in perfect condition, but the customer must expect an increased expenditure of time. As a further consequence, this could also have an impact on the customer’s own production.

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