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Preparations of an engineer for a service

This is how a STATEC BINDER service engineer prepares for a service

Stefan Hibler, a service engineer at STATEC BINDER, has already years of experience in his profession. “I already know many customers very well. A regular service is often ordered when a customer has normal machine downtimes and would like to put them to good use. If this is the case, either I or one of my colleagues contact the customer in order to find out detailed information about the condition of the machine as well as of the present circumstances on-site”, says Stefan Hibler about the preparation for on-site service. He further goes on to emphasize, that clear communication beforehand is extremely important, particularly to also know about the spare parts the customer has in stock on-site before our service engineers start their journey.


Shortly after, a quotation is prepared, considering all the spare and wear components that are still required. “The customer has the task to make sure that the right parts are in the right place when our service engineers arrive. Only in this way our service engineers can guarantee that our assigned tasks will be completed within the agreed time frame,” Stefan Hibler continues to explain.
For new customers who request a service for the first time, the process is slightly different. After consultation with the back office in Austria and a short briefing about the customer, our toolbox is stocked up in such a way, that the appropriate tools for each specific machine design are available.

However, preparations also vary from country to country. “Although I always bring my personal toolkit with me, different working conditions always await me depending on the specific country. In some countries, an entire workshop is offered, while for services are other countries, already the most basic tools must be packed”, says the experienced service engineer. He further explains that an accurate assessment of the working environment beforehand is therefore always important in order to select what to bring and what not to bring. Permitted weight restrictions for air travel must also be considered in this context. Further information, which is usually obtained in advanced concerns clothing regulations and safety equipment.

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