Plan of procedure of a STATEC BINDER service

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The plan of procedure of a STATEC BINDER service

Stefan Hibler, a long-term service engineer at STATEC BINDER, explains the procedure of service as follows:

“Before I can start the service after my arrival on site, I usually take part in a short safety training, however, this depends on the customer. Afterward, a more detailed discussion about the current condition of the machine generally takes place. After the customer reports to me on his schedule and plan of procedure, the service is ready to start.” He further goes on to explain that it represents a great advantage for the service engineers if the machine can still be inspected in its running state, at best with the specific filling product. A conversation with the machine operator is also very helpful for quick troubleshooting. “A personal conversation with the operator in charge is important for me, to find out where exactly the problem lies and what error reports the machines have generated. I often have to select between multiple error messages, to find the actual reason for a problem”, Hibler explains.

The service strongly depends on the respective customer requirements – STATEC BINDER offers a large selection, starting from complete services to mere inspections of the machines. The duration of the service also depends on the individual machine design, the equipment available, and the overall condition of the machine. “If the SYSTEM-F, a packaging machine in FFS design, requires a complete service, the customer should plan a service duration of about one working week. As service engineers, it is particularly important to us that the scheduled timeframe can be realistically implemented”, Stefan Hibler reports on his experience. However, he would also like to point out that time is invested wisely: “If we finish earlier, we will also start our journey home earlier. Nevertheless, if the customer prefers to make the most out of the remaining time, our service engineers are also happy to offer training to the staff and to give detailed answers to different questions.”

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