Important notes for all industries

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Important notes for all industries

Requirements and specifications highly vary depending on the products. However, it should be generally noted that humidity should always be avoided. For all industries, it is therefore suggested that the packaging system is placed in a solid building, without uncontrollable airflow and influences due to weather conditions.

This measure can also avoid other problems, such as the entry of rodents and birds. Rodents are particularly a problem if the machine is not cleaned regularly. Product residues attract rodents and if they bite on cables, considerable problems could be caused.

The standards in the food industry are generally kept at a very high level. Consequently, the packaging systems for food, must be accordingly clean and located in closed buildings. In this industry, fewer problems and machine downtimes occur usually overall, because the awareness of the need for regular cleaning and inspection measures is different. Quality controls are carried out in predetermined time intervals, whereas different appointees are in charge of this. Similarly, wood and plastic pellets also have little abrasive or hygroscopic product characteristics, which is the reason why only standard maintenance measures are required in these industries as well.

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