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Weighing & bag closing

Our high-performance net weighers ensure precise weighing and dosing. Depending on the product, the scale is equipped with either belt, screw or gravity feeding. Our patented bag closing system “Over Tape Bag Sealer” or our high-performance sewing machine ensure a secure and accurate bag closure.

High-performance scales – made in Austria

STATEC BINDER’s net weighers, which well very well and are particularly powerful, are trend-setting in the industry. The net weighers meet the highest requirements – both in terms of accuracy and performance. The simple and at the same time stable design of the weighers ensures safe and accurate operation.

The advantages at a glance:

  • High performance
  • High level of reliability
  • Sturdy design
  • Maximum weighing accuracy

Digital & High Precision Weighers for Your Industry

Our precise weighing systems are available both as individual scales and in the form of an integrated module in bagging lines and BIG BAG filling stations. The weighers are adapted to the requirements of various industries. A wide variety of industries worldwide already rely on the proven STATEC BINDER technology:

  • Food
  • Pet food
  • Agriculture
  • Chemistry
  • Petrochemical
  • and many more

The advantages with STATEC BINDER weighers

With our high-performance net weighers, we offer the highest precision and gentle dosing. This enables optimum filling times and perfected results in the further process – whether for powdery, granulated and free flowing products. The different versions of our weighers have proven themselves for decades for weighing, dosing and filling goods of all kinds. In production processes, quantities can be recorded quickly and accurately, and processes become more effective.  STATEC BINDER weighing systems convince through high reliability and excellent accuracy.

  • Reliable measurement: The high-performance net weighers work quickly, precisely and are always reliable.
  • Efficient weighing: With different capacities and feeding devices, a high capacity of up to 2000 weighings per hour can be covered.
  • Easy maintenance: The easy accesses to the weigher and the automatic systems in the background facilitate the maintenance.

What are the weighing technologies?

In the bagging and palletizing industry, a distinction can usually be made between two different weighing variants.

  1. Gross weighing: The product is weighed in the bag during the filling process.
  2. Net weighing: The product is already weighed in a weigh hopper before filling.

Our weighers are all designed for net weighing. Since the weighing process takes place before filling, this makes the process much faster.

Our scales are equipped with gravity, belt or screw feeding, depending on the product to be weighed. When choosing a product feed, the most important factor is how well the product flows freely.

High-performance net weighers with the highest weighing accuracy

There are currently three net weighers in our product portfolio. The differences lie in the product feed. The systems all convince equally with the following features:

  • Stable & compact design
  • For free flowing to powdery products
  • High precision electronic control
  • Maximum weighing accuracy
  • Stainless steel version

The high quality standard of STATEC BINDER is also achieved here through the use of stainless steel and a stable and compact design. The high-quality material as well as the precise design and manufacturing guarantee a long lifetime and high operational reliability – even and especially under highly demanding conditions.

  • High-performance net weighers
  • Gravity feeding for free flowing products
  • Belt feeding for moderately flowing products
  • Screw feeding for powdery products
  • Weigh hopper with 3 strain gauge load cells
  • Storage of up to 50 parameter sets for different products and weights
  • Versatile use of stainless steel

Closure systems – made in Austria

The STATEC BINDER range offers both special bag closing systems and various closure systems. We are one of the specialists: from the packaging including weighing and sealing to palletizing to complete packaging lines. Due to many years of experience as a supplier and manufacturer of closure systems, we know exactly what is important when working with different products and materials. Excellent material quality and a sturdy locking mechanism guarantee high safety standards: For example, our systems are ideal for closing, gluing or sewing bags containing different products.

For which area are STATEC BINDER closure systems suitable?

STATEC BINDER systems are used as closures for bags within production facilities of any kind. Different industries like to use the practical closures to securely close and transport bags and the like. There are many possibilities for sealing and STATEC BINDER has the right solutions in its range:

  • For sewing
  • For hot gluing
  • For sealing
  • For sealing with PP fabric tape – as with the Over Tape

The high-performance bag closing systems are ideal, for example, for closing animal feed & pet food bags or for the dust-tight transport of powdery nutrients as well as products from the chemical industry.

How does sealing work with STATEC BINDER systems?

Customers from a wide range of industries expect to be able to rely on machines and systems with the highest quality standards. STATEC BINDER offers these solutions. The high-quality and sturdy workmanship of the closure systems enables the flawless and secure closure of your goods.

This is how the closure process works:

  1. During operation, the filled bags are transported to and from the bag closing system via a conveyor belt.
  2. A sensor detects the bag’s position and automatically pulls it into the trimming area.
  3. Depending on the bag material, the bag is sewn, sealed, or hot glued.

Practical features & innovative technologies

Efficiency and quality are always in the foreground at STATEC BINDER. This is also evident in our bag closing and individual high-performance closure systems used in food production, for example. The innovative technologies behind a STATEC BINDER system pay off in many ways: Special closures not only save production costs but also ensure accuracy as well as the fast flow in your industry. The pioneer in this field is the OVER TAPE BIG SEALER, a bag closing system with PP woven tape.

The features of the Over Tape closure system:

  • Unique bag closing system
  • Suitable for different bags
  • Secure & tight closure
  • Additional sewing of the bags is possible

Close products securely & individually

Reliability and safety of the closure systems are also favored by the stable construction of the models. Thus, the bag is always guided during closing. Additional measures – such as a bag breakage check – ensure that only bags that are securely closed are transported onward. In addition, at STATEC BINDER, each fastener itself has a high tensile force and strength. This makes the systems an extremely valuable and professional solution on the market.

Bag closures directly from the manufacturer

As a manufacturer and supplier of packaging, palletizing and sealing systems, STATEC BINDER is the first choice for customers who want to rely on the high-quality systems that have already proven themselves many times over. Our systems for closing are characterized by selected materials and ease of use. You can simplify workflows in everyday operations with a high-performance closure system from STATEC BINDER.

What are the closure technologies?

Two different variants can be used for sewing the bags:

  1. On the one hand, there is the straight bag feed, where the bag is fed to the sewing head by means of a belt drive and then sewn at the upper end.
  2. The second variant is the bag top folder, in which the bag is folded at the top during the feed and only then sewn. To switch from one system to the other, all that is required is the exchange of a simple device.

High-performance bag closing systems

The high-performance sewing machine from STATEC BINDER stands for precise and reliable bag closing of woven PP, paper or PE bags. The systems are suitable for up to 2000 bags per hour and convince with the following features:

  • High-performance bag closing system
  • For bags made of woven PP, PE and paper
  • Fully automatic bag feeder
  • Stepless speed change
  • Thread breakage control
  • Height adjustable frame
  • For different sewing heads

Over Tape Bag Sealer – Bag Closing System with PP Fabric Tape

The patented bag closing system “Over Tape Bag Sealer” from STATEC BINDER seals woven polypropylene (PP) bags airtight. It is suitable for up to 1500 bags per hour and convinces with the following features:

  • Secure, tight closure
  • Unique type of bag closing
  • Heat-sealed

PP fabric tape is used for this purpose to ensure a reliable and secure seal. If necessary, the bags can also be sewn shut. Pillow and gusset bags can both be securely sealed. The sealing technology makes it easier to handle dusty and odor-intensive products in the food and feed industry.

highest weighing accuracy

sturdy construction

high reliability

high performance

secure closure

tight seal

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