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Semi-automatic bagging lines

Our innovative and complete solutions in the field of packaging and palletizing also include STATEC BINDER bagging lines. The high-quality standard of our machines is continued in our innovative and complete solutions in the field of packaging and palletizing with the high-performance bagging lines from STATEC BINDER. Large industries trust the proven STATEC BINDER strategy and concept just as much as small businesses. Our high-performance bagging lines are effective and versatile. To meet specific industry needs and requirements, versatility and attention to detail were emphasized when developing these innovative solutions.

Semi-automatic bagging lines – made in Austria

Our high-performance systems are suitable for bagging:

  • Food
  • Pet food
  • Seeds
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • and much more

Your advantages with STATEC BINDER

With the high-performance bagging line, your products – for example in the form of powder or pellets – can be bagged in paper, PE, and woven PP open-mouth bags. Depending on bag material, size, and product, our bagging lines are suitable for low volume to high performance. Due to the high standards of STATEC BINDER machines, products can be processed and packaged to a high standard.

High-quality stainless steel parts are installed in the system, which is why the bagging lines from STATEC BINDER are equipped for long-term use. During the sealing process, the controlled bagging of your products remains guaranteed. Thanks to the innovative STATEC BINDER equipment, the bagging processes are easy to follow and user-friendly. The STATEC BINDER bagging line has electronic switches for easy process control. Thanks to the integrated weighing function, the material weight is recorded continuously and very precisely.

Attributes of the high-performance bagging line:

  • Suitable for free-flowing to powdery and fine products
  • Sturdy and compact construction
  • Highest weighing accuracy by STATEC BINDER net weighers
  • High quality & flexibility
  • Tight filling spout for dust-free bagging (optional)

Intelligent solutions for your bagging line

With our well thought-out technologies, our bagging lines are suitable for a wide variety of conditions of the goods to be filled:

  • For free flowing bulk materials: Net weigher with gravity feeding
  • For moderately flowing products: via belt feeding
  • For fine and powdery products: Screw feed

STATEC BINDER bagging lines can be ordered with a semi-automatic system.  Filling, setting down from the bag and transport to the closure system take place in an automated process.

Advantages of the semi-automatic bagging system line SCALPAC:

  • Unique compact & sturdy construction
  • Reliable handling and the highest quality
  • Recovery of the dust during the filling process
  • Easy to clean filling hopper
  • Protection device and ease of use
  • Already in use worldwide
  • Available in three versions

And this is how the SCALPAC works:

The filling opening of the semi-automatic bagging lines consists of a filling hopper, which guarantees clean and controlled filling. The electric switches can be used to operate the clamps that hold the empty bag. This also allows you to open the clamping band again after the filling process. In conjunction with the proven sealing systems – such as the sewing station, heat sealing, and gluing station – the bagging process is completed.

SCALPAC: Semi-automatic or manual bagging line

In our product portfolio, the bagging line for open-mouth bags is available in three versions:

  • SCALPAC-G – Gravity with gravity weigher/dosing
  • SCALPAC-B – Belt with belt weigher/dosing
  • SCALPAC-S  – Screw with screw weigher/dosing

All three bagging lines are designed for up to 1,200 bags per hour. Prefabricated open-mouth bags made from woven PP, PE or paper are attached to the filling spout by an employee and secured. As soon as the bag has been affixed, the weighed product flows into the bag. The filled bag is transported via a conveyor belt to a bag closing machine, which then sews the bag shut, seals it, or hot-glues it, depending on the material.

Depending on the nature of the product to be filled, we use different techniques/methods for dosing:

  • A net weigher with gravity feeding is selected forfree-flowing bulk goods.
  • Moderate flowing products are fed via a belt metering.
  • The worm gear infeed is best for fine and powdery products.

How does the bagging of bulk and free-flowing goods work?

  1. By activating an electronic switch, the bag is automatically clamped.
  2. The bag is secured in the system so that it cannot slip.
  3. The already weighed product flows through a discharge chute into the bag.
  4. After filling, the bag is released again.
  5. A conveyor belt transports the filled bag to a bag closing machine.
  6. The bag is then sewn, welded or hot glued.

highest weighing accuracy

high reliability

high performance

long lifetime

high flexibility

sturdy and compact design

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