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Our Vision

We actively shape the future of packaging and palletizing technology.

Our Mission
As an innovative provider of intelligent packaging and palletizing systems, our mission is to make our customers’ everyday production processes in terms of packaging and palletizing efficient and simple.

This is how we achieve our vision and mission
Anchored in our vision and mission, we shape the future of packaging and palletizing with the following guiding principles.


At the forefront of innovation. We want to be THE innovative provider of intelligent packaging and palletizing systems for our customers. Growth through innovation and constant developments is therefore the focus and should facilitate the positioning in new industries in the packaging sector.

High quality in all areas. It is our concern to provide our customers with high quality in all areas, whether it is in the field of consultation, planning and implementation or the packaging system itself. For this reason, we aim to maintain and constantly increase our quality standard in order to work to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We are partner and specialist. A long-term and cooperative partnership with our customers is the focus of our activities. Therefore, we aim to not only maintain but also further expand the quality of this cooperative partnership with customers in the future. Additionally, we want to increase proximity to customers through local partners and worldwide customer service centers.

We have already established ourselves as a specialist for the packaging and bagging of free-flowing bulk materials in the past. With the packaging carousel CIRCUPAC, which was specially developed for the packaging of fine to powdery products, as well as with developments made for our open-mouth bagging machines, our goal is also to become THE contact partner for the packaging of fine to powdery products.

Our Values

Trust, reliability and partnership are the pillars of our actions – at the company and as far as our partners and customers are concerned. For this reason, the corporate motto “We keep what we promise” has high significance for our daily work.

In order to be able to offer our customers convincing solutions, we focus our commitment on innovative products and services. In doing so, we live our quality management and strive for continuous improvement.

We earn appreciation and trust in and outside our company through a fair and respectful interaction with one another.

Performance, responsibility and reliability determine our daily work routines and the way we encounter new challenges. With optimism, we focus on our opportunities when difficulties arise and on solutions when problems are faced.

Corporate information and data are always treated confidentially and responsibly in order to protect our jobs and our position on the market.

We trust our employees and provide them with the necessary personal freedom, so they can develop their skills and meet changing requirements. Flat hierarchies, team spirit and humanity set us apart.

Our Services

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WORLDWIDE contact person

Our highly trained employees and worldwide partners will be happy to support you with professional advice and assistance. Whether an inquiry for a new system, a preliminary discussion without obligation or questions about service & spare parts. You can quickly and conveniently find your local contact person or contact us at our headquarter in Austria.

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