Safely handling your (new) bagging and palletizing systems

Customer Training

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“We at PHESA (Paterson Hughes Engineering SA) have had great success in commissioning STATEC BINDER equipment remotely. This has proven to be a huge factor in saving the customers money, because we don’t need to have a Technician from Austria fly to South Africa. We have commissioned numerous machines, as well as weighing systems via Team Viewer with assistance from a STATEC BINDER Software engineer. We have great success with STATEC BINDER equipment because of the support we receive from STATEC BINDER.”

Paterson Hughes – Representative South Africa

“Mr. Sailer always takes the time to have a personal conversation and address my concerns – it’s nothing to be taken for granted and sets STATEC BINDER’s Customer Service apart.”

Mich. Weyermann® GmbH & Co. KG, DE | CERTOPAC, YOM 2008 | CERTOPAC-L, YOM 2014

“I would like to say a big thank you to all of you guys in STATEC BINDER continuously providing excellent after sales support.
Special thanks to Haris who has now on several occasions proved himself very skilled, helpful and friendly. It is really something I can say about everyone in STATEC BINDER I came across so far.”

Aleksandar Karic, European Regional Project Manager | Alltech, UK | Type ACROPAC, PRINCIPAL-R, YOM 2017

“When help is needed quickly, I can rest easy knowing a technician will be on site very soon.
I really appreciate this efficient and simple method of working.”

SCHERF GmbH, AT | Type SYSTEM-F, YOM 1998 | PRINCIPAL-H, YOM 2011 + 2019

“We can look back on a business relationship with Mr. Winkler that has existed for 30 years no. In the beginning he worked as a service technician. He has been our contact partner in Customer Service for around 20 years now. He knows our machine to the smallest detail and is always available and ready to help us.”

Lias Österreich GesmbH | Type SYSTEM-F, YOM 1994

Customer Trainings

Safely handling your (new) bagging and palletizing systems

When you invest in a new machine or there is an operator change, the question comes up of how the machine can be safely handled.

Thanks to the 1 – 6 – 11 program, STATEC BINDER already offers its customers intensive support in the first year so that the operator and machine become a team. STATEC BINDER has launched customer training sessions to ensure an even deeper understanding.

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Following commissioning, the customer support is handed over internally from the STATEC BINDER Project Team to the Customer Service. As part of the 1 – 6 – 11 program, the support and care requirements are determined during the visits so that the services of our Customer Service can be adapted to the individual requirements. On-site training is the perfect solution to give your team practical training.

The training content is customized and covers the following content:

  •  System operation as well as overview and handling of the control elements & interfaces
  •  Functionality of the assemblies and their maintenance and adjustability
  •  Analysis of fault messages and troubleshooting procedure
  •  Special characteristics of the machine as well as possible points of danger
  •  Safety with a focus on a safe system operation

Additional information about the on-site training can be found here. If you would like to have the training at our headquarters in Gleisdorf, we have also developed a special program for this too. You will find this information here.

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The training focuses on the system operation. In this way, questions such as “What do I have to do if…” can be explained practically directly on the machine. Theoretical content – such as the structure of the documentation – is also discussed as part of the training. The scope and duration of the training depending on the customer requests and requirements. It is aimed both at new employees as well as those who already have experience operating your machines.

Participants receive a certificate after successfully completed training. The goal is to always achieve optimum productivity and maximum operational reliability. Another advantage is the deep understanding of the complex system that is conveyed to the operators. The personal contact also strengthens the bond between the customer’s employees and STATEC BINDER.