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How a Project for a salt Producer resulted in a new version of STATEC BINDER’s CERTOPAC.

One of the leading manufacturers of salt & salt tablets in Belarus was looking for a strong partner for the packaging of salt pellets. The reason for this was the step towards automation combined with a significant increase in capacity. Another important factor for the customer was the consistently high quality of the packaging.

Plan Zeichnung Assembly


The packaging of salt tablets in 25kg bags (in prefabricated open-mouth bags and bags from PE tubing) and subsequent palletizing

  • Packaging of salt tablets in 25kg bags

  • In prefabricated open-mouth bags and bags from PE tubing

  • Performance of 700 bags per hour for bagging and palletizing

  • Installation of the new packaging line in the existing building


For the bagging: Extension of the CERTOPAC with an FFS module. For the palletizing: PRINCIPAL-R due to limited availability of space

  • CERTOPAC-Combi for the packaging of salt tablets

  • Additional FFS module for the packaging in bags from PE tubing

  • Guaranteed performance of 700 bags per hour for bagging and palletizing

Josef Lorger CEO

Exciting and challenging projects are part of STATEC BINDER’s everyday business. “Our goal is to offer our customers the perfect solution for the bagging and palletizing of their products. For this reason, challenging projects are always an opportunity for our company to grow and to prove to the customer that he has made the right choice with us,” says Josef Lorger, Managing Director of STATEC BINDER GmbH. The salt producer’s project was one of these challenging projects, which even resulted in a new version of an existing machine.

“The project was challenging in more than one aspect. For a long time, we had the idea to equip the CERTOPAC with an FFS module. The salt producer placed its trust in us and we started with the developments”, explains Edmund Gruber, Senior Sales Manager at STATEC BINDER GmbH. He adds that the handling of the salt pellets was not easy either, which should of course end up in the bag as a whole but would also break easily.

Our approach: Efficiency & accuracy with machines from STATEC BINDER

For product feeding and weighing, the weighing machine with belt feeding was therefore chosen. In addition, the product feed of the salt pellets caused a high noise level. For this reason, insulation was applied from the buffer hopper to the filling spout. The desired output of 700 bags per hour is now achieved with the new CERTOPAC-Combi machine. The robot palletizer, with a capacity of 750 bags per hour, palletizes the finished bags. The two machines had to be installed together with a stretch hooder in a limited space, which was also a major planning task. Nevertheless, the top-qualified STATEC BINDER team also mastered this task.

During the development of the CERTOPAC-Combi, particular attention was paid to ensuring that the changeover from bag separation from the bag magazine to the production of bags from the tubular film was simple and uncomplicated. The filling process is identical for both variants. The sacks are either separated from the sack magazine or produced from the tubular film and conveyed to the deposit table. There the single bags are put on the filling spout, filled, and placed on the conveyor belt. From there it goes to the bag closing machine, which sews, seals, or hot-glues the bag depending on the material.

FFS-Combi Version Certopac film reel photographed from the left side

After successful commissioning two years passed before the salt producer requested another packaging line. Since the first packaging line was running to the customer’s complete satisfaction, he turned to STATEC BINDER for the next packaging line. This time the CERTOPAC was offered and ordered only for open-mouth bags together with the PRINCIPAL-H high-level palletizer. The biggest challenge in this project was the planning of the machines in the given space. With the bagging machine, a fixed point of feed needed to be met. “Planning into existing buildings is usually not an easy task. Fully automatic machines need enough space and of course, we also want to save our customers from having to make major alterations. In the meantime, we have also become professionals when it comes to planning into existing and especially small or narrow buildings. This means, that we mostly don’t have to ask the customer to carry out any modifications”, says Jürgen Schoder, Project Manager STATEC BINDER GmbH.

Since the required output for the second project was higher (880 bags/hour for the bagging machine, 1000 bags/hour for the palletizer), the CERTOPAC was equipped with a double weigher with belt feeding. The PRINCIPAL-H was excellently suited for the high performance required for palletizing. A spiral conveyor was installed so that the filled and sealed bags could reach the palletizer due to the limited space.

Certopac filling process with a bag from inside
Edmund Gruber - Deputy Division Manager Sales, Product Management

For challenging projects like these, good cooperation with the customer is of the greatest importance. The cooperation with the customer and our representative Ruben Tevikyan was and is very good and cooperative, which is always very important for us.

Edmund Gruber, Deputy Division Manager Sales & Product Management


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