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Reliable bagging machine

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Reliable bagging machine

Why a chemical company has chosen STATEC BINDER as a reliable partner

A global specialty chemical company needed a new FFS bagging machine for one of its Texas sites in 2016. Thanks to decades of experience with FFS packaging machines and the handling of difficult products, STATEC BINDER was able to prevail over its competitors.

The requirements

Reliable bagging machine for packing a hygroscopic product

  • reliable FFS bagging machine
  • to protect the product from high humidity
  • Easy change of packaging from 25 kg to 50 pounds and vice versa
  • Output of up to 360 bags per hour

The solution

Vertical FFS bagging machine SYSTEM-F with additional dehumidifier

  • vertical FFS bagging machine SYSTEM-F
  • additional dehumidifier in the machine
  • format magazine for easy conversion of format sets
  • Guaranteed performance of 360 bags per hour

The chemical group was looking for a new FFS bagging machine for bagging their product at a site in Texas, USA. The existing machine was already outdated and was therefore unreliable and required a lot of maintenance. For these reasons, reliable and continuous packaging was no longer possible. Filled bags were no longer held properly and fell to the floor. The very high humidity in summer also made the packaging process difficult. The reason for this is the hygroscopic characteristics of the product.

It absorbs moisture rapidly and then becomes sticky. STATEC BINDER had the right solution for these requirements: the SYSTEM-F vertical FFS bagging machine. The clear advantage of the SYSTEM-F is that the bags are produced from a flat film and not, as before, from a tubular film. The bag is therefore filled in the closed tube via a filling tube and the hygroscopic product does not come into contact with the air humidity.

Besides, no filled bag can be left unsealed, as this packaging machine completely seals the filled bag before it is cut off from the rest of the film.

The requirements for the new FFS bagging machine included a capacity of 360 bags per hour weighing 25 kg or 50 pounds. An adjustable format set was attached to the SYSTEM-F due to the different filling quantities. This enables the changeover from 25 kg to 50 pounds and vice versa in just a few simple steps.


According to Günter Haiden, Executive Manager Sales & Marketing STATEC BINDER, the big challenge in this project was to protect the product from the high humidity.

«The SYSTEM-F was certainly the best choice for packing the product. However, since we wanted to ensure that the product was protected from the high humidity, we also installed a dehumidifier in the machine to keep the interior dry. In addition, flexible covers were attached to the machine frame to seal the floor,» explains Günter Haiden.

The installation of the dehumidifier was of great importance for the uniform temperature and humidity, continues Christian Tropper, Project Manager STATEC BINDER. To ensure that the machine itself is optimally protected, it was made of 316 stainless steel. Also, the bagging machine was built to be explosion-proof, as the product could cause a dust explosion.

It was also challenging to plan the machines in the existing tight space conditions, says Christian Tropper.

„The entire STATEC BINDER GmbH team is not afraid of any challenges and thus finds customer-specific and perfectly fitting solutions for the customer's packaging process. This project was one of these challenging projects and we mastered it as a team. This is exactly why our customers know that with us they have a strong partner at their side.“

Christian Tropper, Project Manager


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