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The robot palletizer in the sugar industry


How STATEC BINDER supported a Polish sugar producer in the shift to fully automatic palletizing

The fully automatic PRINCIPAL-R palletizing system from STATEC BINDER was implemented at one of the ten largest sugar beet farmers in Poland.

In the following text, you will learn details about the project and gain insight into the cooperation with our Polish representative Agencia Techniczna HANZA Sp. J.

Principal-R high-performance robot palletizer


Fully automatic palletizing of 25kg and 50kg sugar sacks

  • Changeover to fully automatic packaging of sugar

  • Increased performance of the palletizing process

  • Durable robotic palletizer

  • Easy operation and maintenance of the machine


A high-performance PRINCIPAL-R robotic palletizer from STATEC BINDER was supplied, as this palletizer perfectly met the customer's requirements.

  • Expert advice on the switch to fully automatic palletizing

  • Design of the machine specifically for the sugar application

  • Easy accessibility of the machines for maintenance

  • Maintenance and service plans to ensure reliability and efficiency

For over 10 years, the robot palletizer PRINCIPAL-R has been included in the product portfolio of STATEC BINDER. Together with well-known industrial robot manufacturers, the machine is always offered as a customer-specific solution. In addition to more than 190 other packaging machines and palletizing systems already in use in the sugar industry worldwide, the PRINCIPAL-R is now being used by one of the ten largest Polish sugar producers. The project was realized together with Agencja Techniczna HANZA Sp. J., the STATEC BINDER representative in Poland.

Statec Binder Assembly Hall robot palletizer Principal-R

Initial Situation

Our customer is one of the ten largest sugar beet growers in Europe. More than 5 million tons of sugar beet are processed in around five provinces, grown on over 100,000 hectares and supplied by more than 16,000 farmers. Until recently, palletizing of the filled 25kg and 50kg bags was done manually: the filled bags were taken off the conveyor and palletized at three manual palletizing stations.

Since the sugar producer will deploy its employees in other areas in the future, the decision to purchase a fully automatic palletizer was made. Above all, the technical expertise, the consulting services and the willingness to develop special solutions were crucial for the customer in deciding to work with STATEC BINDER.

Principal-R robot arm gripper

Our Approach

“The PRINCIPAL-R had to be integrated into an existing packaging line with a fully automatic bagging machine and a winder. For this reason, the control and security-related integration was of high importance. There was enough space for the individual robot palletizer to be easily installed within the existing line,” explains Przemysław Małecki, Sales Manager at Agencia Techniczna.

Maschinenkonstruktion und Planung

Due to the high flexibility of the PRINCIPAL-R, it was a clear choice for the Polish sugar producer. The different layer patterns make it possible to always arrange the various 25kg and 50kg bags into a well-shaped full pallet. Additionally, the PRINCIPAL-R convinced due to its compact design and the associated low space requirements. The performance of 850 bags per hour is optimally adjusted to the output of the packaging machine.

“As the changeover to fully automatic packaging and palletizing systems progresses, it is becoming increasingly important for customers to find a competent and reliable partner. We therefore see it as our task to support customers in the changeover to fully automatic packaging lines and to provide them with the best possible advice and support. The cooperation with our Polish representative and the customer was excellent, which of course made an important contribution to the success of this project,” says Przemysław Małecki about the project.

The jointed-arm robot of the Principal-R stacks the bags on the pallet


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