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Why the FFS bagging machine and the high-level palletizer are ideal for the petrochemistry

In 2013, a to this point unprecedented project in the country’s petrochemical industry began in Azerbaijan: SOCAR Polymer.

By clicking on the picture you can see the packaging and palletizing systems in action. In the text below you can read the details of the project and what the PP Bagging Team Leader of SOCAR Polymere, Rauf Hajiyev, thinks about the cooperation with STATEC BINDER and about the delivered equipment.

socar machine operating


SOCAR Polymer produces 184,000 tonnes of PP granulate annually. For packaging and palletizing, machines with high performance and above all reliability were sought.

  • Packaging of 50 tons of product per hour with one machine

  • PE bags with a filling weight of 25 kg

  • Control equipment, such as metal detector, check weighers and bag rejecters

  • Palletizing of bags to 1250 kg pallets with pallet securing

  • Packaging of PP granulate in Big Bags with 1000 kg or 1250 kg


Two packaging lines were delivered, consisting of a SYSTEM-T FFS packaging system and a PRINCIPAL-H high-level palletizer including control equipment and pallet securing as well as a big bag filling station.

  • SYSTEM-T with a capacity of 2,000 bags per hour for packaging the PP granulate

  • Weighing of the PP granulate with a net weigher with gravity dosing

  • PRINICPAL-H with a capacity of 2,000 bags per hour for palletising

  • Big Bag filling station with a capacity of 50 or 40 Big Bags per hour, depending on capacity

  • Big Bag with gross weighing

In 2013, to this point, an unprecedented project in the country’s petrochemical industry began in Azerbaijan: SOCAR Polymer. The reason for the project was to strengthen the petrochemical industry of the country and thus, production facilities for polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) developed in the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP). The yearly output of the plants is 184,000 tons of PP and 120,000 tons of HDPE. For the packaging of the PP granulate and the subsequent palletizing of the filled bags, a strong partner was sought.

Because of the long reference list of STATEC BINDER in the petrochemical industry, the decision was made in favor of the Austrian company. In 2017, the production of two packaging lines, consisting of the FFS bagging machine SYSTEM-T, the high-level palletizer PRINCIPAL-H, and the Big Bag filling station began. “Because SOCAR Polymer has a high output in its product manufacturing, our machines were also required to deliver a correspondingly high performance. The SYSTEM-T can easily achieve the required output of 2,000 bags per hour. With its high performance, the PRINCIPAL-H is the perfect complement to the FFS packaging machine, “explains Markus Wolfmajer, Division Manager Sales at STATEC BINDER.

Two Principal-H´s which stand next to each other in a line

“STATEC BINDER supplied our two PP Bagging lines, consisting of SYSTEM-T FFS filling machines, hoppers, net weighers, control equipment (metal detector, check weighers and bag rejectors), ink-jet printers, PRINCIPAL-H palletizers with bag fix glue applicators and a stretch-hood machine as well as label applicators. We use the mentioned equipment to produce ten rows of full 1250kg pallets consisting of fifty 25kg bags with 5 bags per layer”, explains Rauf Hajiyev, PP Bagging Team Leader SOCAR Polymer.

Case study palletizing polymer for socar

The SYSTEM-T combines high-quality packaging from a PE tube with high production capacity and is therefore ideal to be used in the petrochemistry. The SYSTEM-T as well as the high-level palletizer PRINCIPAL-H were able to be used in the standard design for SOCAR Polymer. Since the plant was also newly constructed, the scheduling of the machine was simple.

Due to the fact that the PP granules are also packed in big bags, STATEC BINDER further delivered a Big Bag filling station with gross weighing. The Big Bag filling station packs the PP granules in 1000 kg and 1250 kg big bags. Depending on the filling weight, a capacity of 50 big bags per hour or 40 big bags per hour is achieved. The Big Bag filling station with gross weighing was chosen because the construction is a lot smaller than a Big Bag filling station with net weighing and very high performance was not required.

bagging polymer for socar with system-T FFS-bagging machine

“The lines commissioned by STATEC BINDER have revealed a large number of advantages. Starting with the high speed and high production capacity of the SYSTEM-T FFS bagging machine which packs 2,000 Bags (50 tons) per hour. Moreover, the user-friendly operation has effected less loss of time and allowed bagging machine operators to become competent within a short time. The easy software allows operators to easily understand and manage the systems.”, says Rauf Hajiyev.

Case study for socar showing the final pallet

He further explains: “In regards to the high level of safety I would like to mention that there is a large number of safety barriers which are immediately stopping the lines in case of unsafe situations and therefore protect employees for the safe completion of work. There is given also a high level of safety when it comes to maintenance. Furthermore, the ease of maintenance results in less loss of time. The high durability of spare parts enables cost savings as well as time and manpower savings. This results also in a minimum of production stoppages, a decreased equipment downtime, and a reduced number of major repairs.”

Case study for packing socar polymer
Marku Wolfmajer - Division Manager Sales

STATEC BINDER particularly appreciated the valuable feedback from SOCAR Polymer throughout the cooperation, as it facilitated the implementation of measures for improvement for future packaging lines. Listen to customers feedback is crucial for a long-term partnership.

Markus Wolfmajer, Division Manager Sales & Marketing


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