Biggest order in company history


Biggest order
in company history

STATEC BINDER completes million Euro order


With an order volume of over 10 million euros, the Styrian machine manufacturer completed the largest order in its company history to date. 16 packaging lines, consisting of the fully automatic PRINCIPAC high-performance packaging machines and the PRINCIPAL high-level palletizers, four wrapping stations to protect the palletized bags as well as a silo control system with visualization and main power distribution, have been put into operation in India in recent months. Highest precision and organization were required by the entire team to complete an order of this magnitude on schedule in addition to the ongoing main and spare parts business.

In addition, STATEC BINDER took over the complete assembly of the packaging lines, which could be completed to the full satisfaction of the customer thanks to the know-how and many years of experience on the Indian market. The lines are designed for packaging HDPE, LLDPE and PP granulates. Up to 1,400 bags with a filling weight of 25 kg can be filled with the product per hour. The contractually agreed specifications of the customer from the petrochemical industry were thus demonstrably met. The highly successful handling of this turnkey project once again underlines the company’s reputation as a technology leader in high-performance open-mouth bagging.

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