1. international STATEC BINDER agency conference


1. international
agency conference

STATEC BINDER GmbH invites business partners to an international agency conference after a record year


With incoming orders of about 40.60 million euros in 2016, the Styrian machine manufacturer earned 134% more than in the previous year and started the 2017 business year with a record order situation. A specialist for packaging and palletising of free-flowing bulk goods, STATEC BINDER GmbH works internationally and is the open-mouth bagging technology leader in the core markets of Asia and Western Europe. From April 4 to 7, 2017, the company with headquarters in Gleisdorf invited business partners to the international representative conference and presented its extensive product range to around 40 people. Insights into the work processes at the assembly sites as well as into the newest developments were part of the program for the representatives as were the exchange of ideas and networking with colleagues from around the world.

Countless representatives from Europe, Asia, America and South Africa accepted the invitation of the well-known specialists for packaging machines and palletising and took part in the «1st International STATEC BINDER agency conference 2017″ from April 4 to 7. With most of the attendees, the company, certified in accordance with ISO-9001 and with headquarters in Gleisdorf, has long business relationships to look back on, out of which successful worldwide projects have been born. The objective of the conference was to present the extensive product range as well as the newest developments to the representatives.


«The continuous advancement of our systems is very important to us, because it means we can offer our customers flexible and customised solutions. The highest level of quality, precision and reliability are our main emphases«, says Managing Director Josef Lorger. The conference days were closed out with a group dinner, including a typical Styrian wine tavern evening and traditional Styrian clothing, the dirndl and lederhose.


STATEC BINDER GmbH as a technology leader in open-mouth bagging

The CIRCUPAC fully automatic high-speed packaging carousel is one of the most current innovations from STATEC BINDER GmbH. It allows up to 1,200 open-mouth bags to be filled per hour. It is used to package flour and powdered goods which had not been in the product range until now. With the CIRCUPAC, the importance of the company as a technology leader in open-mouth bagging can be expanded into a promising new market segment.

Record incoming orders in 2016 business year

The company created in October 2008 from a joint venture between Binder+Co AG packaging technology and STATEC Anlagentechnik GmbH started the 2017 business year with a record order situation. The foreign sales were 93.2% in the reporting period, once again showing the huge significance of the export business. Asia remained the most important market by far based on the existing core technologies. Overall, the 2016 incoming orders, with 40.60 million euros, were 134% over the value of the previous year and 36.6% over the previous record year of 2014.

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