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Are you wondering what the daily processes at STATEC BINDER usually look like and how we manage to deliver such high-performance packaging technology? Get real insights in our new company video. Just click on the picture and enjoy watching.


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What characterizes STATEC BINDER?

STATEC BINDER continuously manages to successfully apply its expertise as a bagging and palletizing specialist of bulk materials on a global scale. With its flexible and customer-oriented packaging technology, the Austrian company is represented on the international market, placing itself among the leading suppliers of high-performance open mouth bagging machines.

Starting at the food sector to the petrochemical industry – with over 1,400 machines installed worldwide, STATEC BINDER looks back on numerous positive references. The company counts small firms as well as large corporations, represented on all five continents, among its existing customer base.
Thanks to proven technology as well as continuous developments and optimizations, STATEC BINDER serves as an internationally recognized partner to many. After 40 years of experience, the company stands for absolute reliability, characterized by precision and constant innovation.

Customer service as a success factor

Customers all over the world put their trust in STATEC BINDER every day. Expert consulting services, a high level of service competence and support for any concern provide reasons for this. Customer service is characterized by highly trained employees and online service with real-time support. The fullest satisfaction of the customers has the highest priority.

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