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This is how we ensure the support of customers worldwide

Customers worldwide put their trust in STATEC BINDER and the Customer Service Centers near them. The central contact point is in Austria, but how is reliable and fast support also guaranteed in other countries, such as, for example, South East Asia, North America, or South Africa?

Thanks to the large number of STATEC BINDER partners worldwide, there is always a contact person close to the customer. The expansion of Customer Service Centers ensures that customers receive the optimal support and that it can also be provided quickly.


Ongoing support is always provided in consultation with the STATEC BINDER team in Austria and the partner’s respective teams located near the customer. The term “ongoing support” also includes customer visits with (service) engineers, who are also extremely important for the in-house customer service team in the headquarter. This is because, through the feedback on the status of the machines on-site, the team can make recommendations based on its experience concerning the safe and reliable operation of the machine at the customer’s premises and can further determine appropriate service intervals.

If ongoing support is provided by the customer service team in Austria because no local partner is available, the team naturally tries to establish a close relationship with the customer. “Of course, direct contact with the customer is always desired, because in this way our team simply gets the chance to get to know the customer better and to find out which topics are of concern to him,” explains Johann Sailer, Division Manager Customer Service at STATEC BINDER.

“If a customer wants to increase the production output due to higher demand, we can, for example, offer him training in fine-tuning the machine, if an increase in performance can still be achieved with the installed system. The best thing about direct contact with our customers is certainly customer feedback. This helps us to always find out how satisfied our customers are,” Johann Sailer continues.

Learn more about the STATEC BINDER customer service and where our partners are located.

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