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Service engineer at STATEC BINDER

An interview with Stefan Hibler

Stefan Hibler is a long-standing service engineer at STATEC BINDER and is almost considered as a pioneer in his professional field. As the first in this profession, he was able to lay the foundation stone for the development of the broad and successful service team of the Austrian company, as it is today. In addition to passing on his valuable insights and knowledge to colleagues, Stefan would also like to share his experience with bagging and palletizing machines and their maintenance with his customers in the future. Read more to find out what Stefan reports on his varied work routines, his wide range of tasks and the love for his job as a service engineer.

Which tasks does a service engineer face in his daily work routine and life?

„My job and therefore also my daily life are very interesting and varied. Communication skills and a high level of English are essential for my profession. It is also important to be able to listen to customers and to understand their needs”, reports Stefan Hibler on his work routines. Many assignments are very short-term and require immediate readiness or also last longer than planned in advance. “Of course, my schedule often changes at short notice. I am very aware of this, and therefore it is not a problem for me. STATEC BINDER reacts quickly and highly flexibly – this must also be maintained in the future”, says Hibler.

As a service engineer, what do you like best about your job?

“I like many aspects of my job. On the one hand, I like my customers and often even develop a friendly relationship with them. In a certain form, this is definitely a motivational factor for me. On the other hand, the working atmosphere at STATEC BINDER in Gleisdorf is also very good and provides additional motivation for me”, explains Stefan Hibler, ” I simply think that what we do is good. We develop durable packaging machines, which can handle a variety of bags and products, although they are often aggressive, abrasive or harmful. Thanks to our packaging systems, our customers’ employees do not come into direct contact with the product and are therefore not exposed to harmful materials.”

He is also enthusiastic about the long lifespan of the machines: “Basically, our packaging machines do not really need to be replaced. If regular maintenance measures and services are carried out, STATEC BINDER packaging systems promise decades of support. The machine housing is very sturdy, and the built-in electronical components can be brought up to date with regular updates. Older machine models can be re-equipped and modified for new products.” Instead of replacing full packaging lines, STATEC BINDER offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative through upgrades and retrofitting. In addition, the service engineers work according to the motto “there is nothing, we don’t repair”.

What do you find particularly interesting about your job?

“My daily work routine is very varied. Sometimes I visit customers and do not exactly know what circumstances await me there – this is always an exciting challenge for me. Communicating with people and to repair packaging machines with the aim of leaving a fully functioning system, motivate me over and over again. I also find it interesting to explain the procedures of the service to my customers afterwards, so they develop a deeper understanding of their packaging equipment. “, says Stefan Hibler.

He goes on to explain that different cultures are not a problem for him, but that he travels to different countries with great interest in cultural aspects. “It is important to always show respect for the people and circumstances in each respective country – after all, we are only guests there”, says Stefan Hibler. He further explains that for him, the right sense of humor works well in every country.

Do you prepare for a visit to new countries?

“Of course, I prepare myself for business trips to different countries. In most cases, however, this is limited to the essentials. For example, I gather information about diseases, insects etc. By now, there is almost no country I have not been to yet, so my personal research on countries is logically decreasing”, explains Stefan Hibler. He also states that longer stays abroad are quickly becoming a habit. “I am now so used to working abroad, that I cannot imagine any other work situation for me at the moment. I simply like doing this job. “

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